Large Star Wars Sets Imperial Shuttle Spacecraft 2503pcs

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2503pcs Large Star Wars Sets Imperial Shuttle Spacecraft The Space Battle Building Block Kits legoed Best Technic Toys for Kids


1.MATERIAL &BRICKS NUMBER:   2503 PCS High Quality ABS Plasic Building Blocks Bricks.


2.DISCOVER MICRO BLOCKS: Great VALUE,An alternative to large, expensive building sets!Great Level of detail! The perfect gift for a building builder or collector.


3.EDUCATIONAL TOOL:Micro-sized building blocks  help enhance building builder’s gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness,and storytelling capabilities.


4.QUALITY & SAFTY:Made from high-quality durable non-toxic green material, micro blocks are flexible and won’t damage easily. Their smooth surface and rounded corners are designed to make them kid-safe.


5.DETAILED: Includes very detailed step-by-step color insstructions(just like original lego).

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